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What is Pay Per Click Marketing and How It Works?

What is Pay Per Click Marketing and How It Works?

Pay Per Click, or PPC in short, is a special online marketing strategy in which advertisers pay their host only when their advert is clicked on by any user. As big search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, work on a set of popularly used words for searching – known as “Keywords”, PPC requires promoters to hunt for specific keywords significant to their target market. Keywords can consist of phrases, or any combination of words advertisers expect to be used by their market niche while making a search.
This kind of marketing strategy offers a win-win situation to both the advertisers as well as the host. In this advertising technique, promoters pay just when a click is made, and the host gets paid for a basic task of strategically placing a keyword on search engines.

How PPC works?
In PPC marketing, advertisers bid on “Keywords” used in different search engines. These keywords are aligned to match with common phrases people use while searching for various services or products. Advertisers pick the catchphrases that are pertinent to their business and which are more likely to be used by people looking for services similar to the ones offered by them. After making a smart selection of keywords, the next task is to outbid different promoters wishing to use the same keywords for their promotion campaign.
Now, when a user enters the keyword in any search engine, your Pay Per Click advertisement will show up on top or along the sides of the searched items as a “sponsored link” for easy and quick access.
The price of the keyword generally relies upon its demand. If the keywords you intend to use are very popular, you can expect a high price tag associated with them as there would be numerous contenders bidding on that specific set of words. On the other hand, if your chosen keywords are not that commonly used, you can get them at an impressively low cost. Once the bid is final, equivalent amount will credited to you for every click made on your advertisement.

How PPC can help your business?
Pay Per Click offers a striking method to drive traffic into your website and to convert leads into sales. Through this advertising method you get an opportunity to place your business on top of search results in various search engines, which straightforwardly enhances your chance of cracking a profitable deal. When your advertisement link gets exposed to a large number of users, the probability of it to get noticed and clicked increases significantly. Every time a user taps on your sponsored link, he/she is diverted to your website displaying your offered items and services.
Over time, the amount you gain for each click escalates as your website picks up popularity. However, if at any point you feel that your advertisement doesn’t seem to be catching the amount of traffic you expect, it is always better to consult proficient PPC professionals who are well acquainted with all the know-hows of running a powerful Pay Per Click campaign.

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